Ripples from the Remote Past

Long before telecommuting was thrust upon reluctant and skeptical businesses by a global pandemic, the earliest version of this website proclaimed, “Leveraging the advantages offered by the Internet to leave the costs of bricks-and-mortar behind, Ripple Effects provides digital marketing expertise at lower costs for us that become lower costs for our clients.” Though it …

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Credible Compassion and the Crisis Cliché

By now, you’ve acclimatized somewhat to the Covid-19 reality; and, unless your social isolation includes media-isolation, you’ve also heard, and I quote, “we’re all in this together.” Tweets, radio commercials, and politicians all say it – all the time. Indeed, you might even be feeling like it’s all they say! On this blog, we talk …

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Affection as Commodity: Staging with a Feel Estate Agent

In the Internet era, people’s attention – or more precisely, your audience’s attention – is the hottest commodity. This is why effective, sustained branding is so important. After all, what is branding if not the process of attracting and holding your audience’s attention? When it comes to branding, winners are separated from losers by succeeding …

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Marketing Gold: Tessa, Scott, and True Patriot Love

A shiny teal 60s Mustang convertible on a sweltering day in early August is not what immediately comes to mind when a conversation turns to competitive ice dancing. But on this day, when it’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir perched on the back of that Mustang, waving to adoring crowds adorned in red, it all …

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The Importance of Transparency in Marketing

Being Open and Truthful Ran into Effective Branding on Valentine’s Day! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! Business is about relationships. It can’t be said plainer than that. No matter what we want to believe, humans – especially modern ones – are more emotional than they are rational creatures. Especially in the business of marketing, it …

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A Welcoming Wave from the Wavemakers at Ripple Effects

Illustration of red target area reaching people

When I started Ripple Effects Marketing, phones didn’t pay for your groceries at the checkout, you had to sit through commercials during TV programs and people didn’t have to sell big ideas in 140 characters. It all feels like a lifetime ago now. But in tech – and so too in online marketing – a …

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